2+ group trainings

like minded people working out together

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do you live in a neighborhood where like minded people want to work out together?
do you work in an office where several co-workers want to get back in shape after quarantine?
who doesn't, right? These are crazy times we live in and we know we have to stay focused.
perfect timing for gym truck chico. we bring the gym & our expertise to your neighborhood or work. No more excuses, you got this.

how its works

- two or more individuals schedule a consultation
⁃ we gather your info and program the workouts according to the groups goal, needs & space alloted.
⁃ that's it! we schedule your workout times & get to it!
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what's included

- Workouts (trained and off day programming)
- Nutrition Programming (individualized, no individual is the same)
- 24/7 accountability access
- weekly & Monthly results check-ins