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Considering a Personal Trainer?

These are our suggestions for finding the right one for you:

Trust — Working with a personal trainer is all about the trust. Trust develops from a relationship, so it is important your personal trainer is someone you are comfortable with, enough so, you can open up to them about your goals and even your frustrations. Does the person you are considering listen, without judging? Do they seem to “get you” & understand what you are saying? You will need to communicate regularly with each other, so a partnership with someone you trust is key to a successful outcome.

A Personal Trainer Understands - Fitness using a Personal Trainer is more than just the physical workout. Does your fitness professional understand that your well-being is more involved than simply physical health? It involves all aspects of your life. A true fitness professional knows that there is a mental aspect, and an emotional aspect of your workout as well. Is he or she prepared to listen to you talk about your rough day at work while you are doing your exercises? A good personal trainer can make your workouts therapeutic as you vent your frustrations, de-stress, and work out all at the same time. The mind& body are connected, each one affecting the other. A good Personal Trainer understands.

Certifications – Some Personal Trainers opt to pay the money to get their certifications. Each has their own reason and for me it was personal. I wanted to be sure I was the best personal trainer a person could hire. Getting certified gave me the foundation that the knowledge I had and was about to share with clients would serve them well. So, experience and knowledge are the biggest considerations when hiring a personal trainer.  Getting certified simply confirmed what I already knew and gave me the confidence that I was an excellent choice for the person looking to hire a personal trainer. That being said, if a personal trainer’s knowledge & experience are your most important considerations his/her ability to apply that knowledge & experience is key to a successful fitness program. We believe clients are looking for convenience, accountability & knowledge from their workouts. When it comes to experience and the ability to transfer that knowledge to you, our client, we are experts. Please jump over to our reviews on Google to see what some of existing clients have to say.  

Professionalism—Do you want a professional trainer for who personal training is his chosen career? If so, that is Gym Truck Chico, and more than doing it as a career, we are creating an entirely new industry. We commit our time of course, but also invest in workout equipment because “We Bring The Gym To You”. We are always in a state of renewal when it comes to fitness. Weeding out the trendy from the effective and passing this information to our clients. We are passionate about the fitness lifestyle. Perfecting our craft and incorporating what we learn into our client’s workouts is one way we set ourselves apart from other personal trainers. We value our relationships with our clients and are committed 100% to pleasing them and holding them accountable to their goals. As personal trainers we work with our client’s schedules. Most of the time we may do workouts at the same time and day of each week. However, from time to time, schedules and responsibilities change and getting the workout in is the priority. We work with your schedule to see you do not miss a workout. You can also count on us to be on time, every time. Feel comfortable in knowing that when you make the commitment, we match your commitment and deliver on that commitment.

Individualized Fitness Programs - Before you ever warm up, stretch, or pick up a weight we perform an assessment. Like our initial free consultation, now we take a deeper dive into everything that can or may affect the individual workout program we design for you. It is the starting point of a successful fitness program. It is important to assess several things about you before we begin your fitness program. Quickly, some of the considerations are your goals, current fitness level, and so on. We need to get a foundational understanding of your present fitness level, so we do not move to quickly or too slowly towards your fitness goals. It is important we know about any physical limitations such as range of motion issues, artificial joints and weak structural information like a knee or back injury. We cover it all in our initial assessment and get to know you as a person as well. Our Individual Fitness Program will take everything we learn about you into consideration and your fitness program will reflect all your needs and limitations. There will be days when you are not 100%. Maybe you did not get a good night’s sleep or had an unusually stressful day. We understand and will only ask for 100% of the energy you have left. We are good coaches and good listeners, and we take pride in our abilities and professional approach to fitness.

Nutrition – Much like the body and mind are connected so is exercise and nutrition. No matter how much you work out, you cannot out train our out work a bad diet. At Gym Truck Chico we understand that it can be difficult especially with time constraints, kids, life, etc. to stay on track with the fad diets floating around. That is why we create easy to follow nutrition programming that works for you and your family. It is personal to you, but with that knowledge you can pass on the right way to eat down to the next generation. Furthermore, we are there to help with any transitions; from leaving sodas or candy behind, making better choices when we get the midnight munchies, and even appetite control when we need it most.

Convenience, Accountability & Knowledge – As you consider a fitness program and whether that includes a personal trainer these three categories are likely to be the main categories your decisions fall into. We are certainly convenient because we come to you. At your home, work, or even the park. We hold our clients accountable daily. You will speak or hear from us in one form or another daily to make sure you are on track to your goals. We will also educate you on the types of exercises you will need to do in your fitness program to reach your fitness goals. We will also make sure you are using the proper form & technique for maximizing each workout while being sure to avoid injury.

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