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Our Team
Chico Personal Trainer James Biccum Owner of Gym Truck Chico

James Biccum

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Fitness Nutritionist Specialist
NASM Speed Agility And Quickness Certified Coach
NASM Certified MMA Coach

What's up everyone my name is James Biccum, Owner at Gym Truck Chico.
I have been personal training for nearly a decade now and I've learned a few things along the way. The most important thing I've learned is that no one goes this journey alone. You need people in your corner helping you stay the course. We are those people.

Gym Truck Chico is a NASM Preferred Partner. You can rest assured you are in good hands with trustworthy individuals whose passion is to help you reach your goals. Our ever evolving, personal training programs always revolve around our core values – Accountability – Convenience –Knowledge. Consider your own personal needs when it comes to personal training. I’ll bet, at first, our core values weren’t on your list of priorities, right? Maybe convenience, but a giant maybe since you are going to have to find room for it in your daily routine. For many people, the priorities are time, money, flexibility and if those priorities are handled then you will consider others, right? OK, look at our core values, 1) Accountability – will you really consider joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer if they will not help you get the most for your money? Seriously? But up until this moment you likely had not considered “Accountability” as getting the biggest bang for your invested buck. How about 2) “Convenience”? How convenient is your local gym? How long a drive? How busy are the machines at the time you plan on working out? How much time do you need to prepare to get ready for the gym? We Bring The Gym To You. It does not get more convenient than that, right? You can choose to workout at home, in a room, garage, back yard, front yard all we need is about 5’ X 5’ area to accommodate a workout mat and equipment. We can also workout at your work or at one of the local parks weather permitting. 3) Knowledge, finally we make sure you get the knowledge you will need to make fitness part of your lifestyle. We create workouts to help you reach your goals then we instruct you how to perform those exercises properly to get the most from benefit from each exercise as well as minimizing the chance of injury.

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Chico Personal Trainer Aiyana Mary Syvirathphan

Aiyana Mary Syvirathphan

NASM Certification In Progress
Assistant Coach

Hey there! It’s so nice to meet you, my name is Aiyana (a-on-uh)! I was born and raised in the beautiful town of Redding, CA. From a young age, I truly developed a passion for being active and exploring the outdoors. Whether it was hiking the stunning trails of northern California, playing sports or simply being at the gym, I've found more than surface level enjoyment through an Active Lifestyle.

This love for nature and physical activity influenced my belief that a healthy mind and body starts from within. I understand that taking care of oneself is not just about physical fitness but also encompasses nutrition & mental well-being. This belief shaped my outlook on life, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balanced and holistic approach to health and wellness.

Driven by my passion for health and fitness since I was 13, I've decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Currently, I am undergoing certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) school to become a certified fitness professional. This endeavor allows me to deepen my knowledge and hone in on my skills, allowing me to coach you through a successful and fun fitness journey!

In my  journey towards becoming a NASM-certified fitness professional, I would ultimately like a world where people CAN prioritize self-care and embrace the benefits of staying active and connected to nature. My mission is very clear, to make a positive impact on your life and others, while inspiring you and them to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

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Chico Personal Trainer John Thompson


John, born January 1983 in Los Angeles County, fell in love with martial arts over a decade ago on a journey with his brother. 
Together, they traveled through many disciplines, gaining depth in their studies wading thousands of hours of discussing, training, and developing techniques. Training their bodies, training their minds. 

Martial arts, more specifically contemporary Jeet Kune Do, boxing, savate, Brazilian jiu jitsu found a home in John’s life. To further his knowledge and ability to use his body for martial arts, he ventured into a multitude of strength training techniques that required his full focus. He gained awareness of body mechanics for lifting heavy weights, swinging kettlebells, and performing dynamic body weight drills without compromising strained or fatigued muscles. 

John learned that his body required structure and habituating physical queues to excede his limitations. He embodies a philosophy of climbing ladders as represented by building strength of skills to reach higher in the pursuit of living a well-rounded, fulfilling life.
Having children was something John knew he wanted from a young age. He started taking his health much more seriously once he became a father. Five (plus one on the way) kids later, he has learned how to teach healthier mechanisms for tackling life, not just living it himself. 
His philosophy on climbing ladders is applied to every avenue of his experience. Whether it's striving to become an efficient communicator, gaining depth in his squat, or starting something new. John considers most, if not all, techniques across varying disciplines attainable by climbing each rung of its respectable "ladder" and creating more accessible rungs when the next one seems too far out of reach. Holding a plank for 1 more second, enduring an ice bath for 1 more second, or learning how to respond rather than react to frustrating situations are all examples of climbing your ladder.

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