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Credentials And What They Mean

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • NASM Certified MMA Conditioning Coach
  • NASM Certified Speed, Agility, and Quickness Specialist
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Meet James Biccum

Introducing the Visionary Force Driving Gym Truck Chico. Gym Truck Chico is more than just your typical fitness and well-being initiative; it embodies a complete wellness journey designed to empower you. At the helm of this groundbreaking endeavor is James Biccum, a versatile fitness guru backed by a diverse range of certifications, attesting to his unparalleled expertise. Let's dive into the significance of these qualifications and understand why James is uniquely equipped to lead you on your path to wellness.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Starting with the NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) credential, James has proven his mastery in one-on-one fitness training. The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is a globally recognized authority in sports medicine and athletic training, and their Personal Trainer certification is among the industry's most respected. As a NASM CPT, James possesses a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy, nutrition, exercise physiology, and program design. This ensures that each client receives a workout regimen tailored specifically to their needs, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and safety.

NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Optimal nutrition plays a pivotal role in achieving your fitness goals, and it's often the missing puzzle piece on your fitness journey. James, armed with his NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) certification, is here to bridge this gap effectively. His expertise stems from comprehensive training in nutritional science, encompassing macronutrients, micronutrients, and personalized dietary plans. With James as your guide, you'll navigate the labyrinth of healthy eating with clarity, ensuring your dietary choices harmonize seamlessly with your fitness aspirations. This proves particularly advantageous within the Warrior Parent Project's 90-day program, where James's flexible nutritional approach empowers you to savor your favorite foods while making significant strides in weight loss and muscle toning.

NASM Certified MMA Conditioning Coach

The inclusion of this certification may pique the interest of those not particularly invested in Mixed Martial Arts, but its impact extends far beyond initial impressions. A certified MMA Conditioning Coach serves as more than just a trainer for fighters stepping into the ring; they excel in crafting exhilarating and diverse workout routines that enhance endurance, bolster strength, and sharpen agility. Drawing from the principles of MMA conditioning, these techniques inject a sense of excitement and dynamism into traditional training, guaranteeing that your workouts are far from dull. This innovative approach seamlessly aligns with the Warrior Parent Project, where the 45 Minute MetTone MATRIX workout is meticulously designed to optimize fat burning and sculpt your muscles.

NASM Certified Speed, Agility, and Quickness Specialist

Finally, the SAQ (Speed, Agility, and Quickness) Specialist certification further enriches James's already formidable skill repertoire. This specialized training places a strong emphasis on honing precise movement mechanics, enabling clients to make substantial strides in their athletic prowess. Whether it involves chasing after an energetic toddler or participating in a weekend soccer match, these proficiencies prove indispensable in one's daily routine. Moreover, they infuse an extra dimension of complexity into the training modules of the program, ensuring that workouts remain varied and captivating.

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Where do I start? Well……you see it all started with this chick at work……I was going through an exceptionally difficult time in my life with losing my house in a wildfire here in Northern Cali and my wife bailed outa couple days later…you could say it was tough times in James Ville……until I met Allie.

You see Allie had this way about her…smooth, confident, beautiful,single mom, hard worker….etc etc…..well we were both going through a divorce and she was moving into a supervisor roll at work…. guess who’s supervisor she was going to be ;) so one thing led to another, I asked her to come “shadow me” so I could make sure we were on the same page for my role in the company at the time…. she looked at me with those honey brown “starry” eyes and she kept checking out my Venus Williams (what we call my booty) and I knew…. you ain’t gonna be my boss lol. She gave me her number at the end of our time together when we first met and i reached out….wouldn’t you know it…. Fuckin ghosted lol….I was like, ight, coo all good. Home girl is going through a lot and probably not in the place… turned out she looked like a “trashbag” as she says (shes beautifulregardless, she be trippin) and was several glasses of wine deep whilst moving….not the right time you might think….

Sooooo time past, and one night, your boy was higher than giraffe pussy on an edible….(single and kid less at the time just fyi for the judgy judgers out there) any whoooo. Ya boy was on cloud nine when, “Tweet Tweet”, text tone going off…… well look who it is…… Alexandraboss lady Benson in the dms :) I was high af and tripping on the message she sent (there was a lot of weirdness happening at work, people getting in trouble for sexual harassment getting fired left and right etc. etc.) she had sent me her version of the Chris Brown apology to Rihanna and it had legal jargon in there…. since your boy was high as a kite I immediately thought I was in trouble (super irrational) and so I did what any basic bitch would do and called herass…

We laughed honey moon chatted for several hours….and well that was the start to making a beautiful family after spending time together we knew this was more than a fit so she had me meet her 2 beautiful munchkins Madeline and Peyton…. theywere 5 and 8 when I met them and they are awesome….

A few short monthslater…..we got pregnant with our youngest Ember (fire cracker that she be) we moved to a house on a hill up in the mountains and started our little family. Madeline loves working out, training BJJ, listening to music and playing softball. Peach loves cuddling, chillin’, eating snacks, watching movies and eating sushi…. boojie ass babies. And Ember…well Ember is a psychopath….nah just kidding she’s rad. She’s the most intense of the children indeed. She loves doing pretty much anything with us and lets us know if she’s hungry or tired lol. Well, that’s the intro to the fam…thanks for spending  8 minutes of your time reading this…. lol, have a great day fam.