1 on 1 Personal training

your goals-your needs-your results

with 1 on 1 training you will have 100% of the trainers attention on you!

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Getting into shape is hard. It takes time, money and motivation. 

You don't have to go to the gym or spend hours working out at home. We'll bring our equipment right to you! Our program is very affordable and we work with your schedule so that you can get back in shape no matter how busy you are! 

We're a team of professional trainers who will come to your house or office for a one-on-one training session on our state of the art exercise equipment. We'll help motivate you through every step of getting back into shape by showing you correct form and technique while eliminating any chance of injury because we know what we're doing! 

So if you ever felt like you wanted to get in shape but were not sure where to start. If you need help but don't feel like going to the gym. Call on gym Truck Chico. We bring the gym to your home.
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what to expect from gym truck chico
we go deep into your current physical state & Diet
create appropriate training & nutrition plans to reach your goals
check ins on off days to ensure we stay on track
track progress weekly & Monthly to ensure The results you want
Accountability - Check
Convenience    - Check
Knowledge       - Check