1 on 1 Personal training

your goals-your needs-your results

with 1 on 1 training you will have 100% of the trainers attention on you!

Gym Truck Chico is a NASM Preferred Partner with over a decade of personal training experience. rest assured you are in good hands with individuals whose passion is to help you reach your goals. Our ever evolving, personal training programs always revolve around our core values – Accountability – Convenience –Knowledge. Consider your own personal needs when it comes to personal training. I’ll bet, at first, our core values weren’t on your list of priorities, right? Maybe convenience, but a giant maybe since you are going to have to find room for fitness in your daily routine. For many people, the priorities are time, money, flexibility and if those priorities are handled then you will consider others, right? OK, look at our core values, 1) Accountability – will you really consider joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer if they will not help you get the most for your money? Seriously? But up until this moment you likely had not considered “Accountability” as getting the biggest bang for your invested buck. 2) Convenience - how convenient is your local gym? How long a drive? How busy are the machines at the time you plan on working out? How much time do you need to prepare to get ready for the gym? We Bring The Gym To You. It does not get more convenient than that, right? You can choose to workout at home, in a room, garage, back yard, front yard all we need is about 5’ X 5’ area to accommodate a workout mat and equipment. We can also workout at your work or at one of the local parks weather permitting. 3) Knowledge, we make sure you get the knowledge you will need to make fitness part of your life style. We create workouts to help you reach your goals then we instruct you how to perform those exercises properly to get the most from benefit from each exercise as well as minimizing the chance of injury. We think you will agree our core values provide a foundational base for a solid fitness program.

So if you ever felt like you wanted to get in shape but were not sure where to start & know you need help but don't feel like going to the gym. call on gym Truck Chico, the timing is perfect.
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what to expect from gym truck chico
⁃ we go deep into your current physical state & Diet
⁃ create appropriate training & nutrition plans to reach your goals
⁃ check ins on off days to ensure we stay on track
⁃ track progress weekly & Monthly to ensure The results you want
⁃ Accountability - Check